Welcome to the Industrial Park Győr!

Since 1992 the Industrial Park of Győr has been offering sites of excellent quality with good access for large investors and small and medium-sized enterprises alike. In order to ensure supplies of high standards, the Industrial Park provides advanced infrastructure for companies operating here and offers excellent development opportunities for future inhabitants.
Industrial Park of Győr is located at eastern gate of the city, directly beside the M1 motorway. Our parcels of land to be utilized for industrial purposes and rentable offices provide high quality modern environment and also opportunity for expansion for companies planning development and start-up companies as well.
In addition to strategic location and up-to-date infrastructure, we also offer complex business services tailored to the individual needs of the companies that provides safe background for facilitating their stable operation and realizing their ideas. In addition to rentable offices, a number of important services are available directly or indirectly in our Service House.
Industrial Park of Győr also creates new business and market opportunities for the companies operating here. One of our very important goals is to promote the establishment of partnerships, supplier relationships and mutually-beneficial cooperation among the companies operating here. We work on establishing a business community that - in addition to the services provided by the Industrial Park -, offers safety of stable operation and opportunity for business development for the companies.

Important data on the Industrial Park of Győr

Total gross area of the Industrial Park of Győr: 203 hectare
Area already booked: approximately 91%
Areas available now:-
Number of companies already settled in the Park: more than 100 companies from 13 countries
Number of people employed in the subject area: 7,000
Aggregated sum invested in the subject area so far: 702 EUR million
Main sectors settled in the Industrial Park of Győr:
  • automotive industry,
  • mechanical engineering,
  • textile industry,
  • electronic industry,
  • plastic processing,
  • construction industry,
  • electric industry,
  • forwarding, distribution,
  • logistics,
  • trade.

Significant benefits offered by the Industrial Park of Győr

  • Excellent geographical location with direct motorway and rail connections.
  • Stable and clear ownership relations, transparent systems of rules and conditions.
  • Land that is free of soil contamination.
  • Excellent infrastructure, opportunity for connecting to public utilities immediately.
  • Continuously expanding supply of skilled labor.
  • Quick and flexible administration at the local authorities.
  • Wide range of services offered both before and after settlement by the operator of the Industrial Park.